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Still alive!!

I've been reading some old posts I made back before Michelle was born, actually recently I was reading posts I made after she was born.
It's great to read the memories of that long ago because it's been so long and I have forgotten them a bit, and back then it was all fresh.
I stopped using LJ a long time ago, FaceBook is where I keep up to date with what people are doing.
But with baby #2 finally coming, I want to try this again, so I can have the memories somewhere for this baby. More of closer to the time of birth and for at least a few months after. Having photos is great but having something written down as well is even better. Plus it will be different having one child already, seeing how she reacts and feels about the baby when it's here, comparing the two of them etc.

2014 seems like it will be a busy year.
We are going to try to buy a house here in Chch; baby is due 1 July; Michelle will be 4 in August and she and Richard are going to his sister's wedding in Brisbane on the 9th; September is my Mum's 60th birthday and she is having a party on the Friday which we are going down for, which might also be about the same time my niece turns 1; and we have said that we will spend Christmas in Dunedin this year since we had it to ourselves 2013.

So I don't promise to update often at all, I know I won't remember or be bothered all the time.
Just wondering, is anyone reading this?? :o)


Icon inspiration

I am getting some new icons for LJ.
Anyone want to make suggestions for icon ideas that I can search for.....

Wednesday 29 April

Spent the day in dispatch, lots of orders. One to Auckland went on two pallets it was so big.
Day went by quickly.
Made some cards to go with the presents for the weekend and labelled some books.

Thursday 26 June

I am getting very bad at not writing here daily, when I do an update 2 or 3 days later I don't remember each day as well as I could. *sigh*

A good day at work. Two of the machines we use are similar to each other, but one has a small hopper (funnel like thing that we pour the paint into) and the other is much larger.
We have been swapping them about to help with the pouches, which isn't easy as we get confused which bits come off and which don't.
We had the staff meeting today as it was missed yesterday. We have all of next week to get the pouches finished which gives us more time than we thought, and we will get it done.
A quiet night at home.

Monday 21 January

Its odd that its Monday but not odd that I am not at work. I think my brain still thinks its the weekend or something.
I slept in til about 8am.
Spent a bit of time online. Did a bit of packing including taking the legs off the kitchen table.
Left to get the 11am bus, and Mocha decided to follow me. He crossed both roads and finally jumped onto a wall and stopped. He wouldn't listen to me when I tol him not to follow.
I got the bus to town, released by last two books and went to the University Book Shop. They have lots of cheap books upstairs which is where I went. We got a $20 voucher at Christmas so I wanted to spend it before we left.
I got Little Women for $5, Lost Boy, Lost Girl for $7 and Ya-Yas In Bloom for $7. I read Little Women when I was younger so it will be great to re-read. Lost Boy, Lost Girl is a book I got for R when we first got together to introduce him to BC, and now I can read it. And I have read the first YaYa book and I assume this one follows it.
It wasn't easy to get three books for under $20.
After that I went to a lunchtime BC Meetup, managed to handover a book I read.
After this I went to the bank to put money in.
Then to the supermarket for a few things. It has been a hot day and I was glad to get the bus home and cool off.
I did some washing, hung that up.
Have had dinner and watching some tv.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my friends.
I hope you all have a wonderful day, no matter what the weather is where you are.
Spend time with the ones you love, eat way too much yummy food, enjoy ripping the wrapping off any gifts you get, have a nap in the afternoon and have leftovers for dinner, watch Christmas tv without all the ads.

Merry Chrismas from rarsberry, VivaRichie, Mocha and Java. :O)

Thursday 22 November

We all expected it to be a nice sunny day like yesterday as that was what was predicted. However it turned out to be more of a cloudy day, no rain but not hot.
Work was ok but not busy and therefore boring. The rest of the week so far actually hasn't been to bad like last week.
I released two books before work and luckily there was no rain.
I released another one of my way to our BC lunch meetup. There were 4 adults and a 1 year old. It was good to catch up with a BCer who we haven't seen for ages.
I got the bus home and watched some more dishes.
We had dinner and watched an episode of House.
I got bored and made a batch of chocolate chocolate chip cookies, which came out ok.
Watching more tv now.

Monday 5 November

First day back at work after 2 and a half weeks off. It was strange, especially to walk into the work room, it seemed smaller and wrong, but didn’t last long.
The day was busy as usual, and I remembered the job!! Took me a bit longer as I am not confident with my new signature.
Got things tidied up and stocked up a bit, they seemed to have been ok without me!! Told Greg I would like my last name changed on the payslip, he will work on that.
R had the day off and relaxed for the day. He got a call from the photographer. The photos will be ready by Wednesday so we will go in on Saturday to pick them up.
He picked me up from work and we went home.
Had dinner and relaxed for the rest of the night.


Chocolate mold question

We have heart chocolate molds for the wedding.
They have writting on them, like these:

We want to have the writing in white chocolate and the rest of the heart as dark chocolate.
How do we get the white chocolate into the writing without making a mess?

Curious as to who is out there

If you are reading my LJ posts, can you please give some sort of comment here.
Just so that I know who out there is reading me.

Thanks :o)